ICIBS will be committed to meeting and exceeding its clients’ expectations by providing the highest levels of service possible and ensuring that its clients will feel respected, fairly treated, listened to, and involved. ICIBS will differentiate itself by maintaining a reputation of high responsiveness and excellent service, which will enable it to endure competition and continue to build trust in the market.

The following is a summary of major areas, concerning customer expectations.

ICIBS will strive to develop and train its staff in the appropriate skills required to resolve customer anxiety concerning insurance products and services and enhance their awareness of the special terms and conditions related to insurance.

Complex documentation acts as a deterrent to seeking services because most customers are not knowledgeable on insurance products and services. When faced with long and complicated paperwork, an immediate reaction of the customers is to assume that the cover is not in their favor. Therefore, ICIBS will ensure that it simplifies its documents as much as possible.

ICIBS will ensure that it is always responsive to customer needs and that its employees go out of their way to make up for any problems perceived by customers in their service offerings. Customers will enjoy the special treatment during claims stage, which will therefore build customer loyalty.

In the insurance industry, the past experience of customers in settling claims influences their future decision on renewals as well as taking additional policies. ICIBS shows that unhappy customers tend to share a bad experience with potential customers more than they share a good one. Therefore, ICIBS will strive to enhance its claims settling processes in a manner which satisfies customers and ensures their loyalty and retention.

The customer’s perception of the quality of services is also influenced by the courtesy extended when face-to-face with employees. ICIBS will strive to train its employees in friendliness, warmth, and a helpful attitude which will, therefore, prevent driving away many prospective clients.