Chairman Message

I am glad to support and service our clients in Saudi Arabia by delivering high quality insurance brokers services in pre sales, risk assessments, underwriting support and clients claims follow up. Our clients are our main capital and long term investment, so our hallmark is customer care as well as environment care; we serve with quality and efficiently. We believe doing insurance brokers services by creating the following shared values:-

  • Integrity: ICIBS believes that trust is the foundation of its business and it will thereby maintain integrity in its professional practice by dealing honestly with the clients and community;
  • Customer Services: ICIBS clients are the center of its business and it will therefore create a transparent atmosphere that allows free communication and leads to a long term relationship;
  • Staff Teamwork: ICIBS staff is its greatest asset and an environment of teamwork is essential in sustaining employee excellence and achieving shared goals, ideas and contributions;
  • Innovation and Excellence: ICIBS will contribute to the Saudi community through understanding the community’s requirements and concerns and providing high quality, added-value products, and services;
  • Employee Skills and Entrepreneurship: ICIBS encourages initiative from all levels of its staff and will aim to achieve managerial, technological and operational excellence through investment in human resources;
  • Accountability: ICIBS believes in granting its employees with the authorities and resources required to achieve their objectives, while holding them accountable and rewarding them for their individual and team accomplishments;
  • Flexibility: ICIBS will ensure that its organizational structure, products and services will be flexible and will adapt and cope with changes in the domestic, insurance and insurance brokers market.
  • Compliance: ICIBS will maintain close collaboration with the Saudi regulatory bodies, primarily SAMA, by providing cooperation and ensuring compliance with the current insurance laws and regulations.